Love, Buenos Aires

After a long flight from Auckland, we finally arrived in Buenos Aires and have officially started our journey through South America! Here are our highlights over 5 days in the Paris of South America and melting pot of immigrants.

Metropolitan Cathedral

We stumbled upon the cathedral after wandering through the famous Plaza de Mayo and outside Casa Rosada. From the exterior, it doesn’t look like a cathedral at all, we had assumed it was a museum. The interior however is everything you would imagine a cathedral to be and more!


The quietness within provides a space for catholics to reflect and pray, and on the right side of the cathedral, we saw two guards and didn’t know at that time, but they’re actually guarding General San Martin’s mausoleum.


Through our passionate Free Walks Buenos Aires guide Martin, we caught a glimpse into the life of locals, both past and present. He answered all the Que Significa? questions we had in an easily digestible way. He also provided useful tips for tourists.


We met at Teatro Colon and ended our walk at the Recoleta Cemetery, which is definitely worth a visit, but we didn’t get to stay long as some tourist decided to take a selfie with one of the statues and fell, so the authorities closed the cemetery for the rest of the day 😦

Everyone that is important or famous in Argentina is buried here including Eva Perón or better known as Evita.

La Boca


A distinct contrast to the European style buildings we had seen, the La Boca neighbourhood was more like what we thought Buenos Aires would be like. Our Uber driver warned us not to stray outside the tourist zone! Everything within the zone did feel touristy, but learning the stories behind the colourful buildings made our trip there more meaningful. Once again we went with Free Walks Buenos Aires.

dsc06817La Bombonera home of Boca Juniors

dsc06790We even met Maradona!

We took a stroll along the Puerto Modero waterfront and across the Puente de la Mujer.

A mandatory selfie at the giant BA in front of El Obelisco where there was a workers’ protest happening.


Quick Tips

1. Get the SUBE card as the Subte (subway) is both cheap and convenient. You can also use it in Bariloche. The two of us shared a card and we took Line D to all the major attractions. Each ride costs about ARS $7 per person. Using Uber is another alternative in the city.

2. Choose an accommodation that’s close to both the subway and supermarket. We saved money by preparing most of our meals at our Airbnb apartment in Palermo, which was also near a really nice park. An additional bonus in the heat and humidity was having a place with aircon!


3. LOOK OUT for dog poo on the pavements. Seeing the many dog walkers and their dogs made us smile, but we had to sidestep all the poop, except of course in posh Recoleta.

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