Oh Bariloche, Oh Marta! 

From hot and humid Buenos Aires, we flew down to Bariloche. When we landed in the airport terminal, we were the only two people still in our shorts. Everyone else had added on layers before leaving the plane because we were in Patagonia!


Bariloche reminded us of Queenstown. We were surrounded by postcard worthy scenery all around.


Seven Lakes Route
We rented a car from Invernalia (look for Manuel, highly recommended!) and drove through Ruta 40 from Bariloche to San Martin. This was Darren’s first time driving on the right side of the road. It was a really long drive, there were definitely more than seven lakes. If we had more time, we would have stayed a night in San Martin.

Driving on the bumpy unpaved dirt road to Villa Traful was awful but worth it. This was our favourite of all the lakes. We had a quick lunch there and it was nice to see so many families camping.

Cerro Campanario / Cerro Llao Llao
As part of preparation for the Torres del Paine W Trek, we hiked up Cerro Llao Llao, but first we took chairlifts up Cerro Campanario. There was a rainbow waiting for us (and all the other tourists) at the top.

The Cerro Llao Llao hike took about 3 hours and it was a good warm up for our legs. There weren’t that many people on the trek, but we were informally introduced to the hikers’ “hola” culture where you say “hola” to those you meet along the way.

We also caught the bus to Lago Gutierrez and Darren managed to fly his drone there. This is a good spot to swim and have a picnic.

Where to Sleep

One of the best parts about travelling is meeting different people and having conversations with them. We enjoyed our time with Marta, our super friendly and funny Airbnb host. She made sure we had everything we needed and made our stay so much more memorable.

What to Eat
We budgeted for one steak meal in Argentina and had it at Alto El Fuego, and it was the best steak we’ve had in a long time. The salad was delicious as well. We made a reservation through email, though we didn’t really have to as we went during lunch and the place was quite empty.

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