Perito Moreno Glacier

The main reason for stopping by El Calafate is to see the Perito Moreno Glacier. It’s quite expensive, especially if you want to do the glacier walk or take the boat out. We’ve done the glacier walk in NZ so decided to give this a miss.

The walk towards the glacier is an easy one. There were some steps, but nothing too difficult. Certain sections of the walkway had seats so you can rest along the way. We walked to the very top and ate our lunch while witnessing thunderous glacier calving. Knowing that the glaciers won’t be around forever made us appreciate them more.


Getting There
At the bus terminal, you can purchase either morning or afternoon tickets. We bought our tickets one day before our trip. A two-way bus ticket costs ARS $450, plus a ARS $10 terminal fee. When you arrive at the entrance of the park, you’ll have to pay a further ARS $330. That’s a total of about SGD $70 per person!

Where to Sleep
Nau B&B is a lovely place near the bus terminal. Charlotte and Hernán provided us with lots of useful information both before and during our stay. Their breakfast, with warm bread, was the best! Note that you can’t cook at their place, but they can help you heat up your food if you want.

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