Day 25: Expect the Unexpected

Everything has been going according to plan. Until now.

Our flight out of Easter Island was delayed and we only arrived in Santiago at about 3am. The plan was to take the 12pm bus to Rengo the very next day to work in a farm for a week. We contacted our Workaway hosts weeks in advance and remained in contact through WhatsApp. However, when we landed in Santiago, we received a text from them saying they could no longer host us because they didn’t feel well 😦 While we really hope they are ok, it would have been good to receive more notice.

Our Airbnb host Jessica allowed us to stay an extra night in Quinta Normal so we could look for a new place. We eventually found a small unit in the city, though it was slightly more expensive, we felt like having our own space somewhere more central. While Jessica’s apartment was great on the inside, we did feel a little unsafe when we were outside (even the Malaysian was worried). Didn’t help that our Uber driver also warned us to be careful.

Santiago is often seen as a stopover city, with most travellers staying for only a day or two. We now had 10 days here and this turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we managed to run some errands and also take a rest from being constantly on the move.

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