Free Bolivia Visa in Santiago

Singapore and Malaysia passport holders require a tourist visa for Bolivia. We had planned to get ours on arrival. However, since we had some extra time in Santiago, we decided to do it at the Bolivia embassy for free.

You need to have at least 2 half days in Santiago. Before going to the embassy, you’ll have to submit all your documents online and print out the confirmation form. We printed ours at an internet cafe near our apartment. Next, make your way to the embassy in the morning to pass them your passport and write your details in a book. You’ll return again the next day to collect it. Absolutely no payment involved.
DSC08742Please try not to do your collection on the day of your departure, in case there are any issues. When we were there, a Korean family looked super stressed out because one of their passports was not ready and they had a plane to catch. They told the officer on duty, but he just told them to “wait please”.

Getting There
Take the metro (red line 1) to Tobalaba. Once you exit the station, walk towards Gran Torre Santiago, the tallest building in Latin America. There’s also a shopping mall there with a nice food court, supermarket and free wifi. Walk pass the tall buildings and cross the river. The embassy is a red building.

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