San Pedro de Atacama; Goodbye Chile

We spent a total of 26 days in Chile, starting from Torres del Paine in the south and ending at the top in the high altitude desert of San Pedro de Atacama. Everything we saw here was new, strange and wonderful!

The altitude affected us on the first day, our hearts were beating so fast and we couldn’t sleep. But we were able to adjust quite quickly by taking altitude sickness pills for a bit and drinking lots of coca tea.

Valle de la Luna
So this is what the moon looks like. It’s located near the city and we went with Whipala Expedition for a half day sunset tour. They showed us where salt used to be mined and also brought us through a tiny dark cave.

Piedras Rojas
We rented a car and drove down to Piedras Rojas. It was a nice drive along paved roads and seeing the stunning landscape at the end was amazing! We were freezing but managed to take a few photos before running back to the car for lunch.

Lagunas Miscanti y Miniques
After Piedras Rojas, this paid national reserve wasn’t as impressive. It was very quiet when we were there, so Darren flew his drone for about 5 minutes before a ranger came running up the hill, telling us “no drone”. He was nice and we felt really bad for making him run 😦

Laguna Chaxa
If you’re planning to do the Uyuni Salt Flats tour, then you may want to re-consider visiting this place because you will see so many more flamingos while on the tour. But we did catch the beautiful sunset there, which you can also do without paying the entrance fee.

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