Stellar Salar de Uyuni

We read heaps of horror stories – drunk drivers, cars breaking down and people getting injured and dying! So we looked around for an experienced driver/guide, and had a super fun time across vast high altitude landscapes that were ever-changing and like nothing we had ever seen before!

Day 1 (Crossing the Border and Lots of Flamingos)
We met Edgar at the Chile border and made our way across to Bolivia. Thankful that our free visa worked. Do wear layers as the immigration office is small and it was extremely cold outside.
On the first day, we passed by a few lagunas, a geyser, and took a dip in the hot pool nearby.
The highlight was definitely Laguna Colorada, we were surrounded by thousands of wild flamingos. It was a very special experience.

Our accomodation for the night was pretty basic. However, Edgar did secure a double room with private toilet for us. Apparently it’s only available in one of the hostels there. When darkness falls, be sure to take a walk outside and stand under the sky filled with stars.

Day 2 (Lunch with Llamas and Salt Hotel)
It was another long day of driving for Edgar, but we had plenty of laughs in the car! He was extremely patient with us as we practiced our Spanish 😉
We stopped by the famous Arbol de Piedra, more lagunas and volcanos, and flew the drone at rainbow mountain. Along the way, we saw vicunas, llamas, viscachas and a fox.
DSC09835Before arriving at the Salt Hotel in San Juan, we had lunch together near a family of llamas.

Our night at the Salt Hotel was interesting. It was built with blocks of salt and we made a new little friend.

Day 3 (Salt Flats Day!)
At this time of the year, we were able to experience both the wet and dry salar. We left the hotel at about 4am to catch the sunrise. Once we found the perfect spot, we stood in icy cold salt water for about an hour, in our slippers!
After taking our reflection photos, Edgar drove to drier areas and taught us how to get different perspective shots.

We also stopped at Isla Incahuasi for breakfast and walked between huge cacti. Who would have thought there would be islands in the middle of the salt flats filled with plants, fossils and viscachas.
After visiting Isla Incahuasi, we made our way to Uyuni and ended our journey at the train graveyard.

If you plan to visit the Uyuni Salt Flats one day, we highly recommend choosing Nueva Aventura. They are a family-owned company and both Edgar and his wife Christina are lovely people who will take great care of you 🙂

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