Cholita Wrestling in La Paz

After Uyuni, we moved to La Paz and did the Walking Tour, Cable Car, drank lots of cheap and delicious jugo(juice) from market stalls and had the best saltenas (similar to curry puff)! But we also read about Cholita Wrestling and decided to check it out as we had a free day there.

This has got to be one of the weirdest experiences we’ve had in South America. We took a taxi to an empty sports hall with a wrestling ring surrounded by plastic chairs that were to be filled by foreigners only.

There were about 5 different “fights” undertaken by a mix of both male and female/cholita wrestlers with the underdog always winning each fight. Here’s what happened that night.

Quick Tips
1. Wear warm clothing as it gets cold in the gym.
2. If you sit in front, expect to get wet and maybe kissed by the Cholita wrestlers.
3. Go to the show with a tour. We realised later that it’s actually easier and cheaper.

Verdict: Weird but entertaining! If you’ve run out of activities to do in La Paz, go for it. Seeing and experiencing this is what travelling is all about.

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