Bus from Bolivia to Peru

After Bolivia, our next stop was Peru and more importantly, Machu Picchu! We took Bolivia Hop from La Paz to Cusco via Copacabana.

The bus picked us up from a central La Paz hostel and we made our way to Copacabana. There, we could either hang out at Copacabana for about 4 hours or take the optional activity of a boat ride across Lake Titicaca to Isla Del Sol.


We chose the latter as we wanted to stretch our legs and because we thought we might be able to see the famous Uros Floating Islands. We were wrong. The boat ride took quite a while and once we got off, we had to hike really quickly across the island to get to the other side or we would miss the boat back to Copacabana.

At Copacabana, we got back on the bus and drove towards the border. There, we completed the immigration process and hopped onto a new bus. We made a quick dinner stop at Puno before getting back on the bus and sleeping all the way to Cusco.

If you’re making your way from Bolivia to Peru, we would recommend going with Bolivia Hop. The overnight bus from Puno to Cusco was really comfortable. Their staff replied to our emails promptly and were helpful when we had to make calls to our guide in Peru. It was also really interesting to see our bus float across the lake!

Kiwi friends we met in San Pedro de Atacama, Coralie and Jason (: By the way, we still owe you guys 1 Boliviano for the public toilet, hahah.

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