Somewhere Over The Rainbow Mountain

Apart from the obvious main attractions of the Inca ruins that surround the city, Cusco has a lot more to offer. As we had 10 days there, we took several day trips before visiting the main star, Machu Picchu.

This was our day trip to the rainbow mountains of Cusco.

2017 - Rainbow Mountain - 1 of 17 (3)
Firstly, there are many tour agencies promoting the rainbow mountain tour. Apparently there are 2 rainbow mountains in Cusco. The one you see when you do a google search involves hours of trekking with lots of tourists and in horrible conditions. That’s not the one we signed up for.

Ours also involved an early start and driving for a couple of hours, but we had the mountains all to ourselves. The trek was relatively easy, but the altitude does make everything harder. Darren managed to fly his drone for a couple of minutes before it started to drizzle and hail.


As we were about to make our way back down, another group arrived. After our lunch, our guide Yom drove us back to Cusco.

Please note that our rainbow mountain tour is pricier than the other ones being offered around town. However, it was safe, personalised and quite enjoyable. Also, not all tour agencies will bring you there and know of its location, only a handful make this trip.

Temperatures can drop drastically so be sure to wear warm and wet proof clothing. The colours of the mountains are what you see in our photos, minimally edited and enhanced. Definitely not like the ones you find on google!

On our way back to Cusco, we stopped at a small village and walked across a bridge made of straws!

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